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Shanmukh Vasant Kamble

Shanmukh Vasant Kamble

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I work in the field of Positive Psychology and am currently working on national projects about forgiveness. My areas of research include Just world beliefs, Coping, Emotions, Bioethics, Values, and Religion. I am currently using Worthington's REACH therapy on students who are hurt in relationships and Working on Forgiveness in Three Religious Groups in India.

I also study morality and virtues, particularly focusing on forgiveness and humility and their effects on close relationships.

Primary Interests:

  • Applied Social Psychology
  • Close Relationships
  • Emotion, Mood, Affect
  • Helping, Prosocial Behavior
  • Life Satisfaction, Well-Being
  • Personality, Individual Differences
  • Political Psychology

Journal Articles:

  • “We're having a good (or bad) day”: Differences in emotional synchrony in married couples in the United States and India AK Randall, SA Corkery, D Duggi, SV Kamble, EA Butler Family Science 2 (3), 203-211
  • Young Indians' views of the acceptability of physician-assisted suicide. SV Kamble, PC Sorum, E Mullet International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation 1 ...
  • The acceptability among young Hindus and Muslims of actively ending the lives of newborns with genetic defects S Kamble, R Ahmed, PC Sorum, E Mullet Journal of medical ethics
  • Delineating a Method to Study Cross-Cultural Differences with Experimental Control: The Voice Effect and Countercultural Contexts Regarding Power Distance K van den Bos, J Brockner, M van den Oudenalder, SV Kamble, A Nasabi Journal of Experimental Social Psychology
  • Cross-national differences in global citizenship: Comparison of Bulgaria, India, and the United States I Katzarska-Miller, S Reysen, SV Kamble, N Vithoji Journal of Globalization Studies
  • Internal reliability and temporal stability of the New Indices of Religious Orientation among Indian undergraduates: test–retest data over 15 days SV Kamble, CA Lewis, SM Cruise Mental Health, Religion & Culture 13 (7-8), 833-839
  • Attitude towards Hinduism, religious orientations, and psychological adjustment in India SV Kamble, PJ Watson, S Marigoudar, Z Chen Mental Health, Religion & Culture, 1-12
  • A sense of special connection, self-transcendent values and a common factor for religious and non-religious spirituality ME Hyland, P Wheeler, S Kamble, KS Masters Archive for the Psychology of Religion/Archiv für Religionspychologie 32 (3 ...
  • The role of revenge, denial, and terrorism distress in restoring just world beliefs: the impact of the 2008 Mumbai attacks on British and Indian students N Ferguson, SV Kamble The Journal of social psychology 152 (6), 687-696
  • Self-control, diet concerns and eater prototypes influence fatty foods consumption of adolescents in three countries JH Gerrits, RE O'Hara, BF Piko, FX Gibbons, DTD de Ridder, N Keresztes, SV ... Health education research 25 (6), 1031-1041
  • Life Balance and Well‐Being: Testing a Novel Conceptual and Measurement Approach KM Sheldon, R Cummins, S Kamble Journal of Personality 78 (4), 1093-1134
  • Belief in a just world, teacher justice, and bullying behavior M Donat, S Umlauft, C Dalbert, SV Kamble Aggressive Behavior 38 (3), 185-193
  • Belief in a just world and well-being of bullies, victims and defenders: A study with Portuguese and Indian students I Correia, SV Kamble, C Dalbert Anxiety, Stress, & Coping 22 (5), 497-508
  • Belief in a just world and wellbeing in Indian schools SV Kamble, C Dalbert International Journal of Psychology 47 (4), 269-278
  • Breaking ground in cross-cultural research on the fear of being laughed at (gelotophobia): A multi-national study involving 73 countries RT Proyer, W Ruch, NS Ali, HS Al-Olimat, T Amemiya, TA Adal, SA Ansari, Š ... Humor-International Journal of Humor Research 22 (1-2), 253-279

Shanmukh Vasant Kamble
Department of Psychology
Karnatak University Dharwad
Dharwad 580 003

  • Work: +91 0836 2215253
  • Mobile: 0988 6714513
  • Fax: +91 0836 2446601
  • Skype Name: shanmukh kamble

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